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Poonam Pandey Style - YOGA

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On the ocassion of international yoga day, Poonam came out with a video where she revealed the secrets behind her curvaceous figure. The video, which went viral on social media was trending with hashtag ‘Yoga Karo Toh Poonam Pandey Jaisa’.

In the video, the Nasha actress left no stone unturned to seduce her fans, revealing her cleavage. She also termed some of the asanas as Doggy Style and Hips Don’t Lie.

Snake Man - Watch Live Video | Snake Manu Exclusive Scenes

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This is 'Snake Manu', an Indian man who makes a living from this eye-watering trick of inserting live grass snakes into his nostrils and pulling them out of his mouth.

Manu, 31, from the southern city of Chennai, claims to have experimented with almost all varieties of snakes, including cobras, common kraits, sand boas and rat snakes but said his favourite was the cobra because of its ferocious agility.

Extraordinary Baby Girl; who was born with four arms and four legs

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This story is about an Indian girl Laxmi Tatma. She is about to become the most popular girl in the world. She is extraordinary because she was born with with four arms and four legs. She is worshipped as a goddess in her village. People from all over the world come to worship her. Her mother says that she has a dream about goddess Laxmi before her birth. Goddess Laxmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, she is also known to have multiple hands. People of the village pray to her but doctors say that the limb$ are caused due to a rare condition.

 Doctors do a lot of test on her and they say that the extra limbs are of her parasitic conjoined twin who was not able to separate from her. The Parasitic twin ducked the blood from her body which would result in lack of bl00d in her body. She also was not able to walk or sit properly because of the extra limb$. So her parents decide to take her under the knife so that she can lead a happy life. Her parents say that they would want to see their daughter live like a any other normal girl. They wanted her to go to school and get education and not live such a life. That is why they got ready for the surgery in spite of all the cultural values.

The surgery was very intense and could result in death of Laxmi. But the doctors were able to pull the surgery off successfully. It was a long procedure; her mother was also very scared about the surgery and br0ke into tears. After the surgery was successfully done the parents were very happy. Laxmi had to stay under medical supervision for a long period of time. Sometime later she was able to walk like a normal person and she also goes to school now. Her parents say that they are very happy with how she looks like now.

Refreshing Square watermelons in Japan

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Japanese farmers in Kagawa prefecture on the island of Shikoku grow watermelons that has shape not very common for these plants. Why are they cubic? Watch the Vesti report on Russia channel from Japan. Benefits of Watermelon 
 1. Nutritionists recommend that you should include watermelon in your breakfast meal and it will keep you hydrated throughout the day. This simply stems from the fact that watermelons are 92% water by weight.
2. What's lesser known are the other benefits like the fact that it is a negative calorie fruit and tends to burn more calories during digestion than add in. Indulge in this delicious fruit work your way to that dream body (bye bye belly fat)!
 3. It's also packed with Vitamin A and C with a modest amount of potassium.
 4. The blush red colour comes from a nutrient called lycopene which is found in red fruits and vegetables. This nutrient is great for your vision and it also promotes heart health.
 5. Various studies have found that drinking watermelon juice may help relieve muscle soreness.

Be-careful ! 1st watch this video and Drink Coca-Cola !!!

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With temperatures rising every day cold drinks have become a most demanded material. The cold and sweet taste of it freshen everyone especially in this hot weather. The video shows how our all time favorite Coca-cola is made.

First the bottles come to the company from the bottling company. The bottles are taken to the cleaning unit where they are cleaned, steamed and sanitized to rid them of any dirt and debris. This is done by jet streams and water. Then they pass through an over head convener belt where clamps pick up a bottle, and they are transported from station to station above the room.

 On the other hand the fizzy drinks are being made by adding filtered water, different sugar i.e. glucose and fructose and also a mixture of natural and artificial flavors are added in measured amount. Then the mixture passed through a pressurized machine called the carbonate where the mixture is is carbonated by passing a steam of CO2 through it. Water makes up 86% of the drink.

Then the bottles are brought to the filling machine where nozzle first bucks water out of them and later pumps Coke into them. The bottles then move into the capping machine where they are capped and sealed properly.

Later they are again sent through a machine for labeling. The machine applies glue on the bottle one by one and labels at Stuck on them. Brushes are used to makes sure they stick well. In the video the manufacture of 2 liter Coca-cola is shown and at the end it shows the process where the glass bottles are filled which are almost the same.

Woman Cuts Off, Husband's Private Parts and Ear

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It would be wrong to say the women are weaker than that of males.  Males and females are biological different but that does not mean that women are always weaker. The conventional notion is that women are always inferior to the men.  But the modern women know how to manage the family as well as her profession. But the notion had not been changed yet.  The course of time has never been changed for females from the deictic period to till date since females are always marginalized by males and ever protected by males themselves. In the deictic period, females had a threat from males in form of demons and so the scenario remains unchanged in the present modern society too. No females are safe in family, outside in the street, or in the peer circles. They have a threat from males and they themselves are protected by males only. The question arises here, “Are the females really weaker in the modern society?” Here’s a video that has shown the retaliating woman who takes revenge from her own husband in fury. The middle aged man is suffering in pain at an Embu hospital after his wife chopped off his manhood, and packed them in her bag and walked away following a domestic clash. The woman is said to punch the old man as he slept and committed the act. These shows the women are no lesser than the males and men should not dominate the women on the basis of biological differences. A middle aged man is writhing in pain at an Embu hospital after his wife chopped off his manhood, and packed them in her bag and walked away following a domestic quarrel. The woman who is on the run, is said to have pounced on the 30 year old man as he slept and committed the act.